Webmaster Hire

You don’t have to have web knowledge, have to hire additional personnel or overload current personnel.

What is included in a webmaster’s duties?

  1. Blocking of scammer IP’s
  2. Maintaining page info
  3. Newsletter management
  4. Plugin management
  5. Posting new information
  6. Pricing management
  7. Product uploads
  8. Removal of scammer registrations
  9. SEO management
  10. Spam management
  11. Social media integration
  12. Theme and system maintenance

Who can make use of our services?

  • Companies or people who have websites hosted elsewhere
  • Companies or people who host with us

We have various packages available to keep it as affordable as possible. It would depend on how regularly you need to have your website taken care of, the type of website you have and so on.

We have over 17 years of experience in web management. Trust us.